Five Solas 

Voicing: SATB with alto and soprano soloists
Accompaniment:  a cappella


Credo in fidem solam, pensito
Credo in solam gratiam, meditor
Credo in Christum solum
Credo in solam scripturam
Deo soli gloria

Approximate translation:

Faith alone. Grace alone. Christ alone. Word alone. 
To God alone be the glory. I ponder all this in my heart.

Five Solas Cover.png

2017 will mark the 500th anniversary of the beginnings of the Protestant Reformation.  The "Five Solas" are five Latin phrases that emerged over the course of that Reformation, and are (summary) principles of that history-defining movement.  This piece seeks to evoke a bit of the ancient vibe associated with these phrases, integrating a recurring chant-like mantra throughout.  At the same time, the piece seeks to capture a sense of modernity with the modern chord progressions and harmonic suspensions.  In this way, the piece seeks to bridge the ancient and contemporary--and affirm the power of these timeless, credal beliefs.

Audio Recording:  Matthew Curtis and Choral Tracks studio recording