Voicing: SATB with occasional divisi
Accompaniment:  a cappella


Legacies of light
Ages ago you spun light into the bleak
Ancient light lands in tonight’s sky
Ancient light falls on my eye
And I?
A star
Sacred stellar dust casting light out through time
In whose sky will my light fall?
-Kyle Pederson (2015)



  • Second place in the 2016 Cerddorion Ensemble (NYC) Emerging Composer Competition

  • Featured in commercially released New Choral Series Vol II, produced by Ablaze Records

Stars was born out of a life-long fascination with the night sky, and the text is a meditation on the interconnectedness of creation.  The light from distant stars takes eons to reach our eyes, connecting us with an ancient past.  And many elements that comprise our bodies were cast out of stars millions upon millions of years ago.  Since we are the “stuff of stars,” where will we cast our own light?  Whose world will we impact? Harmonically, the piece seeks to evoke the vastness and mystery of space, while simultaneously capturing the intimacy of connection.