Way Down in Bethlehem

Kyle Pederson (2019)

Voicing: 2 part
Accompaniment: piano
Commissioning Choir: Sioux Falls Children's Choir, directed by Rosalind Hofer


Mary had a baby, oh my Lord,
way down in Bethlehem;
She named the baby Jesus, oh my Lord,
way down in Bethlehem;
He will bring the nations peace and love,
and it starts down in Bethlehem.

The inn was full but there's a stable in town;
The shepherds and the angels danced all around;
The wisemen came and laid their gifts on the ground;
Way down in Bethlehem.

So keep your voices down and whisper low;
Tread lightly and get on your tip toes;
The baby's sleeping in the straw below;
Way down in Bethlehem.

That's how it happened,
that's how it went down;
and we're invited to spread it around,
to tell the story how Jesus was born;
Way down in Bethlehem.



So many strong elements: a memorable melodic line with an accessible harmony part for developing voices, a bluesy piano accompaniment, a whispered section for dramatic emphasis, and all-around fun.