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“This is a phenomenal compilation.
Brilliant, powerful, reflective music.”

12.25 Debuts at #10 on ZMR charts

Kyle Pederson's sophomore album, 12.25, debuted on the ZMR charts at #10 for the month of November, [more]

article about Kyle--Music Entertainment Webzine

Adapted from Music Entertainment Webzine Musician Kyle Pederson has a distinct-sounding gift to give this holiday season -- a new solo piano album of classic Christmas hymns arranged in ways never heard before. Imagine an album of beautiful, mesmerizing piano soloing where familiar melodies drift through as if on a gentle breeze, reviving memories, but at the same time part of a new listening experience. That is the essence of the recording titled 12.25. “With these Christmas tunes, I knew I wanted to do something unique,” says Pederson, “I felt the best way to make this music interesting and original would be [more]

Reviews New Age review of 12.25

12.25, Kyle's second album, is centered on well-known carols that are adapted with mastery and technically sound like perfection.  "Renewal" was his first album, where Pederson was dedicated exclusively to hymns and with a style very similar to Jim Brickman or Lorie Line.  In this latest work, Kyle combines two styles that personally get passionate to me, the originality and the technique, things that makes a difference in an album and manage to shake the listener.  The surprise is capital when he appears with "O Come O Come Emmanuel" (in order it is the first on the CD), a piece [more]

Bluewolf review of 12.25

Pederson has delivered a refreshing and interesting touch to the traditional Christmas collection of hymns known and loved by many in this his second album of “church classical” hymns. Bringing a classical touch combined with the more alfresco elements, even a little impromptu jazz can be discovered, which comes from recording in a church, rain falling in a torrential deluge during recording and a sometimes quirky beat being applied, this is an album which will and should be enjoyed by all, even the traditionalists. Taking each track, some better known than others and treating each piece as if it is a completely [more]

Audiostreet review of 12.25

  The Christmas music from the new Kyle Pederson CD called 12.25 is unique in that he took traditional church carols from the past several hundred years and wrote his original music around those traditional melodies. There is precedent for this, of course. Even Bach and Wagner (and many other Germans and Austrians, especially, over the past 200 years) took old vocal numbers that had been passed down in the aural tradition, and they put new piano or organ arrangements behind them. But in the modern era, this is a fairly unique holiday album because Pederson has surrounded a bunch of classic [more]