Christ, Be Born In Us

Kyle Pederson (2015)

Voicing: SATB
Accompaniment:  Piano


Christ, be born in us--
born into our world.
Birth a new beginning, 
peace in all the earth.

Move now among your people--
bid us to your truth.
Reconcile the nations; 
join them all in you.

Christ, be born in us--
born into our hearts.
Heal and piece together
what life has torn apart.

Move now among your people--
bid us to your truth.
Speak light into our darkness;
join us all in you.

Come in spirit, come in truth
be born within, be born anew.

Christ, be born in all--
radiate creation.

Summon the earth you fashioned,
breathe your life in us again.

Join our song together
in perfect unison--
unite our voice together;
Christ, join us together;

Join us all in you.

Christ be born in us Cover.png

First place, International Lutheran Youth Choir Choral Composition Contest, 2015

The text of this piece was inspired by a conviction that the deepest meanings of Christmas are alive and meaningful throughout the year…in April, July, and of course, late December. At heart, the text is a prayer; we pray that Christ be born into our hearts, into our world, and into the entire creation each and every day. We pray that God’s loving, redemptive power radiate through all that God has made, and that all people and nations may be joined together.

Recording Choir:  David Ostenso Moore directing the First Readings Project
Audio Note: Audio will not match the score precisely (a few voicing and text revisions since recording)