Bringers of Noise


*Arrangement for Men’s Chorus (TB)
*Arrangement for Middle Level voices

Accompaniment: Piano and drum
Text: Kyle Pederson

The Oracle at Draydok murmered these words before falling silent. Faint echoes can still be heard rumbling in the cavernous depths of Mount Olympus herself.

sheevah cheenak kahyee mah zano mway
shando kaizah molvum kya hu saba
kyalah sana hya

Note: Your download will include both versions of the piece


Notes: Features drumming, narration, vocal percussion, driving piano accompaniment, and a whole lotta awesome. Lends itself to a variety of choreography/story-telling possibilities. Super accessible and entirely unique.

Opening narration:

In the time before time, all was silent. Hushed tones, soft rains, still waters.  Sounds muted. Then WE arrived. We brought the clap of the thunder. We brought the pound of the wave. We exploded the mountain top.  We crushed the ground under the feet of beasts. You hear a blast? We are there. You hear a howl? We are there. You hear a rumble and a roar? We are there.  We are….the Bringers of Noise!