Can We Sing the Darkness to Light

Kyle Pederson (2016)

Voicing: SATB
Accompaniment:  Piano


What if instead of more violence
We let our weapons fall silent?
No more revenge or retribution
No more war or persecution.

It could be beautiful.

What if instead of our judgment
We soften our hearts that have hardened?
Instead of certainty and pride
We love and sacrifice.

It could be beautiful.

Can we see the other as our brother?
Can we sing the darkness to light?
Sounding chords of compassion and grace
Set the swords of judgement aside

Let mercy's eyes
See the other human face.

can we sing.png

The text invites the listener to imagine a world without weapons or war--where the human experience is defined not through continued judgment of others, but through the lens of mercy and compassion.  It could be beautiful. 

Recording Choir:  David Ostenso Moore directing the First Readings Project

Video Courtesy St. Olaf College. Used By Permission