Remember the Children

Voicing: SATB
Accompaniment: piano and drum
Text: Kyle Pederson

Mama hears you cryin’ as you try to keep it inside,
as you want to wear a brave face to the world.
Mama hears you prayin’ as you say goodnight and lay there,
as you bare your soul to God and seek your place in this world.
Papa hears you playin’ when you think no one’s payin’ attention,
when there is no mention of tears, and you’re free to laugh.
Papa sees you dreamin’ of a new day of freedom
for a new way of being a child in this world.

Explore the hopes and dreams we all share for the youngest in our midst. Remember the Children presents a seamless blend of pop ballad and gospel groove, with both English and Swahili text. Accessible piece for high school or college choirs, arching solo lines for both a male and female singer, and a rockin’ piano and drum accompaniment.

 Commissioned and premiered by Choral Arts Initiative at the CAI Premiere Project Festival in 2018.


Featured on the Choral Arts Initiative Series on MusicSpoke.